The Great British Bake Off's Iain Watters created a courgette and lemon cake recipe for üutensil. Watch how he made it now...

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Time-Saving Battery Stirrer

Perfect for stirring the ingredients in your pan or pot. No need to spend time manually stirring your soup when you have this üutensil pot stirrer

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Cooking accessory rotates around the pan at the push of a button independently. Stirr means no need to stirr by hand. It stirr's so you don't have to

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Leave all the hard work to this automatic pan stirrer featuring nylon legs that are heat resistant to 120°C Non-stick and dishwasher safe.

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Porridge stirrer comes with a high-speed motor that stirs the food with superior torque. Cord free effortless battery operation.

Brilliant gadget

My wife got me Stirr as a gift. It is a really useful gadget and I get lots of comments from friends!



A bit of fun for a funky Christmas present! It won't beat your mix or sauce with any vigour, but it will stop it sticking to the bottom of the pan while you attend to something else. Just what I was looking for as a light hearted gift for a family member who really already has everything!