Shipping Costs and Information



We all know that shipping charges on online orders are a bit of a pain, so we wanted to take some time to explain how and why we apply shipping charges within our online store.

As a manufacturer we need to be completely transparent about the actual product cost within our store as storefront retailers need to know the standard RRPs. So unfortunately pulling the cost into one online price wasn't going to be an option for us!

We contemplated a flat rate of shipping across all products but this meant people buying only one light whisk for example would be absorbing some of the cost of other products (and the super smash is a bit of a beast!) larger shipping costs.

So we've settled on a weight based system as set out below:

    • light order     0.00 lbs - 0.31 lbs    £2.50 
    • medium order     0.32 lbs - 2.80 lbs    £4.50 
    • heavy order     2.90 lbs - 10.00 lbs    £6.00 

With one additional rate created for larger orders over £30 in value.

    •  £30 and over order value                          £4.00

We hope this is ok with you.