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Great British Bake Off unique cake recipe for üutensil

üutensil have partnered with the Great British Bake Off's Iain Waters to bring you a unique recipe.
Iain baked a version of this cake for his GBBO5 audition. He has added a new twist and created a brand new recipe for üutensil. You can watch the making of here

Because we want you to recreate it at home with your üutensils - we've given you the recipe!

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skåler and böl, December, www.t3.com  
10 Best Kitchen Gifts for Cooks This Christmas

www.t3.com say of skåler:

Even the foodie that appears to have everything will make room for this ingenious measuring, weighing, scooping utensil. It's essentially a big spoon made from dishwasher-proof plastic with a handy scale measured in milliliters etched on the inside of the bowl and another marked in grams and ounces along the handle.

This cunning piece of British design means you can measure not just liquids, but also use the spoon as an impromptu set of scales for weighing out the rest of your ingredients. A sliding weight on the handle adjusts the tipping point, so when this is set and the scoop is filled until it's balancing nicely, you're good to go.

The Best Tech for Christmas, T3 magazine

 stirr, The Big Christmas Gift Guide, £50 & Under
What www.t3.com say about stirr:

Stirring sauces is one of the most menial chores of the kitchen and if you don't have your own commis chef to shout at, then this three-legged device is what you need. Just load it with four AA batteries, press the button and watch it vibrate in such a way that the legs agitate every part of the saucepan, preventing the gravy from congealing into jelly and the bread sauce into concrete.

If the brand name sounds a little Scandinavian, it's not. Üutensil is a British design outfit responsible for other items of innovative and indispensable kitchen kit, like the Skaler.

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February 2016 super smash

Super Smash featured in House Beautiful Magazine
"Spice mixes are a healthy way to pack in flavour. The Super Smash has a large grinding surface that makes it easy work".

Great British Bake Off's Iain Watters' Cardamom and Raspberry Custard Tart 

A classic dessert with a twist, Iain created this subtle but delicious custard tart for üutensil. Watch here to learn how to make it. Note how handy our stirr was!