Strip¹ - vegetable peeler


Strip¹ may look like other peelers but don’t be deceived.

The oversized swivel blade means faster peeling and less clogging (even on knobbly home grown potatoes or notorious hard nuts like butternut squash). We’ve then added an ambidextrous soft grip handle and finger safe eye remover to make veg prep a breeze.

Dishwasher Safe

Automatic Soup Stirrer

Cooking accessory rotates around the pan at the push of a button independently. Stirr means no need to stirr by hand. It stirr's so you don't have to

Three-Legged Cooking Stirrer

Leave all the hard work to this automatic pan stirrer featuring nylon legs that are heat resistant to 120°C Non-stick and dishwasher safe.


Automatic stirrer can stir all preparations to perfection, and add the perfect amount of creaminess as much as you desire. Use the kitchen tool for puddings, soups, hollandaise, porridge and gravy

Powerful Stirrer

Porridge stirrer comes with a high-speed motor that stirs the food with superior torque. This baking tool has a cordless battery operation, and requires 4 AA Batteries. Batteries are not included