Swoon - Spatula Spoon


How can you make a spoon better? Or go one up on a spatula? You look at things from a different angle. By offsetting the spoon head we have allowed for a straight edge. The silicone edge has been bevilled for perfect scraping along the side of the bowl or pan - we call it the windscreen wiper effect.

Swoon is brilliant for baking, helping you achieve perfectly blended batters, doughs and mixes and then you can either scrape the bowl clean straight into tins or spoon cupcake mix into cupcake cases. The straight edge can even be used as a palette knife for icing. The soft non - slip grip handle also has a unique rest built in to prevent the spoon slipping down into bowls and to add additional storage options.

Crafted in food grade silicone the Swoon is heat safe to 500°F, making it as handy in the saucepan as the mixing bowl.  The Swoon has swiftly become the busiest multi-tasker in our kitchen.

Silicone spoon and spatula

2 in 1 mixing spoon and spatula - scrapes clean and mixes

Off set edge

Ensure all ingredients are cleaned from the bowl and folded in

Soft grip

Comfortable soft grip handle and built in rest


Dishwasher and non-stick safe. Silicone head safe upto 180°c