Tilt - angled non-slip chopping board


Tilt is an angled chopping board that keeps both sides hygienically clear from the worktop so you can flip the board during food preparation and use both sides. The slant on the board helps the food fall away from the knife to keep the cutting area clear and the corners can be used to pour the prepped food into bowls or pans.

Tilt has clearly marked sides for food group separation, a non-slip edge that keeps the board securely on the worktop and measuring guides for perfectly even slicing. It even has conversion scales for handy reference when cooking. Dishwasher safe.

Collect the mess

Angled surface allows the crumbs and liquid to be collected along the lower edge.

No slip soft grip

Soft rubber grip stops the board sliding around on the work top

Measuring aid

Handy marks along the frint edge help with measuign out exact lengths for specific recepies and a chart helps with metric to imperial conversions.

Two sided

Tilt can be flipped over to swap between meat and veggie cutting - avoiding contanimation