üutensil Gift Card

Keen to get someone a present that they really want - well now you can let them choose! A üutensil gift card allows the recipient to choose from a wide range of innovative and exciting kitchen tools and gadgets that will change the way they cook.

Variable amounts available from £5 to £100.

  • Gift cards are delivered by email to the purchaser - they can then be printed or forwarded on to whomever you would like to receive the gift
  • Each gift card contains a unique code which is entered at checkout.
  • The gift card can be used in multiple transactions until the balance is spent. 
  • After each order paid for by the gift card an email is sent with the remaining balance for your records.
  • If the owner of a gift voucher would like a product that costs more than the balance on the card it is simple to pay the difference through a standard credit/debit or paypal payment.
  • A gift card will not be exchanged for cash.