Swoosh böl - colander and mixing bowl set

Meet the colander and bowl set that doesn’t just fit together it works together too.

The colander is beautifully designed to reflect a natural vortex to help water drain off food faster. The bowl is constructed in heavy duty plastic and is light enough to be easily carried yet tough enough to mix the heaviest batters while the generous non slip layer ensures secure tiltability. The internal measuring guide also makes following recipes a breeze.

But with a clever twist these two kitchen classics work even better together. Lift and turn the colander 90° over the bowl creates a large draining reservoir underneath (The secret is in the clever stepped handles). And let’s face it life is too short to spend standing shaking a colander over a sink when draining food but resting the colander in the sink may not be practical or hygienic either in a busy multi-tasking kitchen. So no more soggy salads or spaghetti swimming in a starchy soup.

The new swoosh&böl set is an everyday dynamic duo.